Justin Moore to trespasser: Sweetheart, you have to know you can’t do this


Justin Moore

Justin Moore has had to deal with all kinds of fans over his career, but he says one of the oddest encounters was probably the time a teen showed up in his garage.

The You Look Like I Need A Drink singer recently recounted a fun story to our friend Broadway about a young fan who got a little too close for comfort, adding that she was probably lucky he didn’t shoot her.

“We pulled into our garage and before I had put the garage door down,” Justin says of the strange encounter, “step out of the car, and there’s a girl just standing inside our garage. She was probably 17. My wife and I both have carry permits and both carry pistols with us all the time. It’s a wonder we didn’t shoot her … thankfully.”

Despite the fact that the teen probably scared the bejeesus out of Justin and his wife, the singer did have some wise words for the girl.

“She was obviously a fan and I said, ‘Sweetheart, you have to know that you can’t do this. As a father figure to you, you’ve got to be a little more calculated with your moves here.'”

Eek! Let’s hope Justin’s stalker-in-the-making follows his fatherly advice and finds better, more legal ways of getting up close and personal with her favorite artists.

You can check out Justin’s full interview below (or here if that doesn’t work).

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