Jo Dee Messina Surprises Fan Suffering from Cancer


When it comes to writing about country music and its stars, these are definitely my favorite types of stories. This past weekend, Jo Dee Messina played a show in Glasgow, Kentucky, and while she was there, she surprised a few fans. However, these weren’t just any fans, but a fan with cancer and his caretakers.

Before the show, Jo Dee fan Deanna Doyen Norell posted on the superstar’s Facebook page, asking for an autographed photo for her sick father who is a huge fan of the singer.

Me, my sister, my mother are flying in from out of state to be with my step mom and our father due to him being put in hospice. He is a huge fan and unable to go to the concert but wanted to know if my step mom Cindy Doyen can get an autographed picture of you for him,” She writes. “With all the heavy heart we have been experiencing we are making your concert a girls night out to take our minds off the sadness we have all been experiencing. Mostly, for my step mom Cindy who has been through so much during this trying time with our dad. We are not sure how much longer our father has but he is dying with Hodgkins Lymphoma and has come home to hospice for his final days.

Well, Jo Dee did just that and more. Deanna took to Facebook after the show with an update that included sweet videos from the “Heads Carolina, Tails California” songstress.”

So I just returned from visiting my father in Kentucky who is terminally ill with cancer and can pass at any time. During my visit my brother bought Jo Dee Messina concert tickets. My father is a huge fan of hers and due to his condition was unable to attend. Since this is such a somber time for my family this was a kind gesture of my brother for us to to go on our fathers behalf. I figured I would take the chance and send a message to Jo Dee with our story and she took the time from her busy schedule and made the most loving video for my father and called him and talked to him!!!!!. She is such a loving person and was honored to meet her. It made our family so happy. My father is limited on speaking anymore but we did manage to get a little something out of him when I made a Thank you video for Jo Dee and wanted to share. God Bless Jo Dee and Jen Swirsky. for making this possible. You are forever in my heart and I am always a forever fan! <3 <3Xoxoxo


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    Deanna Norell

    Thank you for sharing my story! I cannot express my gratitude towards Jo Dee. She is amazing. I love her and a forever fan!!!

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