Jason Aldean Talks Kelsea Ballerini Duet


Jason Aldean fans are anticipating the release of his next studio album, They Don’t Know, but the Aldean Army isn’t the only fan base waiting for the September 9 drop date. Supporters of No. 1 singer-songwriter Kelsea Ballerini are eagerly staring at their calendars, as well, and will be calling “dibs” on their copies of the record because she will be featured on one of the tracks.

Ironically (perhaps) named “First Time Again,” the song didn’t come to Aldean as a duet, but after many listens to the Michael Tyler-penned track, Aldean had a change of heart. He explained to iHeartRadio why Ballerini’s name was the one that entered his mind.

So we started thinking about people, who we think could possibly come in and be part of the song and I look around and Kelsea is one of those, she’s off to a great start. She’s really early in her career, first album, but she’s off to a really great start having some big songs. I love her voice, I think she’s got a great voice.

Watch the entire video of Jason Aldean talking “First Time Again” here:


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