My jam today: The SLVR Tongues “Johnny Cash”

Slvr Tongues

Despite the fact that I kind of really, really don’t like their name (it took me longer than I want to admit to realize that SLVR Tongues is Silver Tongues and not S.L.V.R. Tongues. Yeah, total blonde moment), I’m really digging the group’s first song, Johnny Cash. 

According to the press release I got, The SLVR Tongues (ugh) met at a Western bar on the Sunset Strip in Hollywood, California. When the gal, Hannah Huntley, got up and sang some drunk karaoke, James Lynch (the longer-haired fella) took notice. They then recruited lead guitarist Peter Erik and took to writing songs. Despite forming in Hollywood, the trio has now relocated to Nashville.

Since Johnny Cash is their only song available on YouTube, it’s hard to say that I like their sound or am a fan, but I definitely like this song.

Check it out and let me know what you think.

You can find out more about The SLVR Tongues by following them at, on twitter @TheSLVRTongues, on Instagram under theSLVRtongues, and on Facebook under theSLVRtongues.