Garth Brooks and Trisha Yearwood Lend Their Hands for a Great Cause


If you didn’t already love Garth Brooks and Trisha Yearwood, you will now. The two megastars took time away from their sell-out world tour to join forces with Former President Jimmy Carter, Rosalyn Carter, and the couple’s Habitat for Humanity Work Project.

Brooks and Yearwood put down their microphones and picked up hammers to help with the building of nineteen new homes in Memphis, marking the tenth time the husband and wife singers have joined on for a Carter-related project. According to Action News 5, Carter dubbed the country music stars “some of the hardest working volunteers he’s ever worked with.”

Brooks explained the speedy progress he, Yearwood, and the entire crew are making on the homes:

The main thing is, it’s not a competition. So when you said yesterday there was a slab there and now there’s walls, I also want you to see there’s roof rafters. Just to make sure. When you work on a Carter house that’s one of the main things he tells you. It’s not a competition, I just want mine done first.

Yearwood added:

We were there when this became the Jimmy and Rosalynn Carter Work project. It used to just be the Jimmy Carter work project. And he insisted her name be on there. And she earned it. She works as hard as he does.

You know what they say … the couple that builds homes for a good cause together stays together.

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