Garth Brooks Announces His Independence

Garth Brooks World Tour Opening Night - Rosemont, IL

Garth Brooks has announced today that he parted ways with his record label, RCA, following the release of one album, the 2014 Man Against Machine.

Don’t worry fans; this doesn’t mean Brooks isn’t still sharing new music with you in the short-term. With the departure from RCA, he will now release as an independent act under his own label, Pearl Records. Pearl Records has been a part of Brooks’ life for years, serving as a partner to larger labels to release his music. The smaller venture will be responsible for Brooks’ forthcoming Christmas album (with Trisha Yearwood) and his next studio album, which he is currently recording.

Brooks explained to the Tennessean why he opted for the split.

I’ve always enjoyed being part of a team. I think you can always be part of something bigger with a team than you can be by yourself. Would I love to be part of a label group? Sure I would. But with the new streaming income now, I can’t make them money.

The streaming Brooks speaks of is through his own service, GhostTunes, which the Tennessean reported may end up merging with larger companies that Brooks believes will surprise the public.

Neither of the two partners you think it’s going to be, but it’s one of the biggest partners in the world.

Along with the streaming partnership on the brink, Brooks also has a television sports project in the works, as well as a retail partnership for the distribution of his Fall release. The country icon is currently in the process of assembling the right group of team members to connect the dots and make his independent efforts as fruitful as possible.

There’s a lot of different ways to promote now and a lot of options that are open, and I feel very, very lucky about that. The word the management group is using is “collision” or “connectivity.” How do you put all of those things together and make them work toward the music? They’re not just individual things out there going; they all tie together.