Oops! Dierks Bentley’s bus left him behind in Missouri

Dierks Bentley giving a thumbs up while calling fans
Image: instagram.com/dierksbentley

Someone get that man a ride!

After performing at Hollywood Casino Amphitheater in Maryland Heights, Missouri on Friday, Dierks Bentley somehow got left behind by his own bus.


But like any good celebrity these days, Dierks didn’t let the moment get him down and instead took to social media to share his funny predicament.

“That moment when u walk outside ur dressing room and realize you’ve been oil spotted! all buses gone! uber to indy?!” he captioned the photo of himself standing outside in the dark.

Later, Dierks posted a new picture to Twitter where he jokingly sported a sign that read “please make sure I get on the bus!!!!” 

Yep, life is always an adventure when you’re Dierks Bentley.

Update: I originally wrote that the second picture was from a few minutes after the first. Then I realized the second picture was 1 p.m. and the first was 1 a.m. Oops. Thank you everyone for not calling me an idiot. :0)