Dan + Shay’s Dan Smyers is a Good Samaritan with a Tale of Two Rogers


When it comes to having a day, Dan + Shay’s Dan Smyers sure had one yesterday. The singer took to Twitter to share the events of his Wednesday, and it turns out Dan had a chance to be a good samaritan…not once, but twice!

Tweet #1: Today was a day. Found a biker fallen with a broken hip + called/carried him into an ambulance, and found a dog dodging cars.

And if that wasn’t enough….
Tweet #2: Brought the dog home into our backyard until he we find his owner. Orrrr probably adopt him.

Unfortunately, Dan’s adoption plans were squashed by his girlfriend, Abby Law, who helped reunite the dog with his owner.
Tweet #3: UPDATE: @Abby_Law found the dog’s owner on East Nash Lost Pets FB page. No lie, biker + dog’s name were both Roger.

We suggest a new song here: “The Tale of Two Rogers”!