Chris Young Says “Goodbye Pants”!


Goals. We all have them, though they may look different for each of us. It turns out Chris Young and friends had an interesting goal way back when — you know, before he became an eight-time No. 1 artist.

In case you didn’t know, Young is the owner of a publishing company called “Goodbye Pants.” Of course, with a name as unique as that, many people questioned its origin and have been waiting for the day he would spill the beans. The day was yesterday, the place was the Country Music Hall of Fame for Young and Cassadee Pope’s No. 1 party (“Think Of You”), and the answer is as outlandish as you would expect.

To hear why Young decided to bid farewell to his “pantalones” when naming his company, watch the video below. And a very special congratulations to Chris Young, Cassadee Pope, Corey Crowder, and Josh Hoge on their No. 1 hit!