Carrie Underwood Gives Olympic Gold Medalist a Story to Tell


Olympic Gold medalist Madison Kocian (U.S.A. Women’s Gymnastics) made her dreams come true in Rio. Rather than saying she wanted to go to Disney World following her gold and silver medal wins, she has said repeatedly that she wants to meet Carrie Underwood.

Shamelessly hitting Twitter, the nineteen-year-old uneven bar specialist who is heading to UCLA in the Fall asked her favorite artist if she would be attending MTV’s VMAs tomorrow night.

Unfortunately, Underwood will not be in attendance, but she did respond to Kocian’s tweet, exclaimed that she wanted to meet the athlete, and invited her to be a guest at The Storyteller Tour.

A People Magazine cover, The Today Show, The Jimmy Kimmel Show, a cereal box, and more, yet somehow we think this exchange is the most exciting thing to follow Madison Kocian’s Olympic dream, and we can’t wait to see how this unfolds!