Cam is giving a TED Talk in January


When I think of TED Talks, I think of smart folks giving science-focused talks such as Dr. Lisa Dyson discussing how old NASA technology could help us grow our food in the future or Al Gore talking climate change or the really interesting talk brain researcher Jill Bolte Taylor gave about the time she suffered a stroke.

But this January, TED will officially be going country.

On Tuesday, Cam revealed on Instagram that she has been invited to give a TED Talk of her own.

GUESS WHO’S GIVING A TED TALK???? ???✨ Jan 21st, 2017 – TEDx University of Nevada

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“I’ve been watching TED Talks for years,” Cam says in a statement on her site, “And, I’ve applied the shared ideas to my life countless times. It’s honestly some of the best content on the Internet.” She continues, “People sharing new ideas through story-telling… it’s like college without the debt! I am so humbled and thrilled that I get to contribute to this beautiful resource.”


Now before anyone decides to gripe at me, I realize that TED Talks often feature celebrities, artists, and other creative types (as you can see on the website) talking things other than science, it just seems like most of the videos that stick out in my mind have been science based, for some odd reason.

Anyhoo, it’s not clear what Cam will be talking about during her time on the TED stage, but I will definitely bring you guys the video if/when it’s available.