The Cadillac Three Show Growth on ‘Bury Me in My Boots’

Cadillac Three Bury Me In My Boots album cover

Bury Me in My Boots is The Cadillac Three’s major label debut, and their sound remains largely unchanged. Which is good, because it’s won them legions of fans here and across the pond where they have been consistently selling out shows.

The album kicks off with the trio doing what they do best: southern rock-infused country music fit for starting a party. While the title song may seem a tad bit subdued, it’s still bound to get people on the dance floor and raising their drinks. “Slide” turns it up notch with a mix of fast guitars and fast talking. Those two songs are also where a slightly smoother tone is detected in the guitars, a small departure from the rough-around-the-edges sound on their debut, but it doesn’t take anything away from the quality of the band’s sound.

The record has the band exploring new territory as well with songs such as “Drunk Like You,” which features a slow and sexy groove that still manages to be energetic, and talks about how a woman’s affect is stronger than alcohol. “Ship Faced” has lazy weekend vibe written all over it, perfect for relaxing in the sun with your favorite beverage.

“This Accent” is different take on what one’s accent represents, and lead singer Jared Johnson’s is no different. The band’s sound depends on his dirt-tinged drawl as much as their guitars. And while you can take away all of the material things that would paint him as a redneck, you can’t take away his drawl that tells us more about him than an old pickup truck ever will.

The album closer “Runnin’ Red Lights” has the band branching out again, this time into ballad territory.  It’s a slow guitar-driven song about wanting to get home to that special someone, and it’s one of Johnston’s strongest vocal performances on the album.

Their major label debut shows the trio in the next stage of their evolution. They’ve clean up their sound a little bit, but they’re still going to be wearing their dirty boots with that nice tuxedo. They’re starting to show more of their layers and revealing a few more personal aspects of themselves. It’s obvious they’re growing in the right direction.