Brett Eldredge joins Edgar in the Cone of Shame

Edgar in his cast

Awww. Such a good fur daddy.

Brett Eldredge‘s impossibly cute puppy, Edgar, broke his toe somehow earlier this month and had to get a cast.

Which just kinda made him even cuter, if that’s even possible.

Well like many dogs with boo boos, Edgar ended up in the dreaded Cone of Shame. Not wanting him to feel all alone on National Dog Day (which was Friday), the singer decided to join him with his own Cone of Shame. He then shared the photo to social media, captioning it: I didn’t want edgar to feel left out on #nationaldogday so I joined him and put on the cone of shame!

Seriously, Brett Eldredge needs to stop being so flippin’ adorable. I think my husband is starting to get jealous.

The cone of shame!?…didn’t want Edgar to feel left out on #nationaldogday

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