Brad Paisley asks for prayers for Tyler Farr after mid-concert mishap

Brad Paisley playing guitar

Being a country music star can be tough, especially when your fellow country stars start randomly flinging guitar picks into your eyeballs.

Just ask Tyler Farr.

Tyler found out the hard way on Thursday during a show in Ontario, Canada just how tough – and potentially blinding – being a country star can be while performing on stage with Brad Paisley. Seems Paisley got a little crazy with a guitar pick and accidentally sent it straight into his tourmate’s eye.

Feeling bad for his buddy, Brad took to Twitter on Friday to jokingly ask for prayers after the mid-concert mishap.

“Last night,” he explained, “I unwittingly flicked a small plastic guitar pick into @tylerfarr’s eye. He cried. We are all pulling for you Tyler. Prayers.”

Poor Tyler. Sounds like he might just want to wear eye protection onstage from now on, at least when he’s performing with Brad Paisley.

Unfortunately, there don’t seem to be any YouTube videos of the guitar pick casualty, but one fan did manage to catch the immediate aftermath in a photo she posted to Twitter.

Let’s just hope for the sake of Tyler Farr‘s eyesight, the rest of Brad Paisley‘s 2016 Life Amplified World Tour is a little less amplified and a little more eyeball friendly.

(H/T Country Music Nation)