Brad Paisley gives St. Louis couple the ultimate baby gender reveal video

Brad Paisley baby gender video
Image: YouTube

Place your bets because there’s a baby gender reveal taking place in this Brad Paisley concert video.

Country stars are surprisingly helpful when it comes to doing things for fans in concert. We have country stars who help with engagements, we have country stars who surprise emotional wives with their deployed soldier husbands, and very often country stars will share the stage with talented fans who get to perform with them.

Last night, August 7, in St. Louis, however, Brad Paisley did something I’ve never heard of any other country star doing while in concert … he revealed a couple’s unborn baby’s gender.

Paisley tweeted about the extra special moment last night.

And this morning we have the video. Have to say, it’s the best Brad-Paisley-baby-gender-reveal video since that one time he revealed  the sex of Carrie Underwood’s unborn baby.

Congrats to the happy (and expanding) family.