Blake Shelton spent his Sunday sparring with the Westboro Baptist Church on twitter


As much as I hate giving these asshats (Westboro Baptist Church, not Blake Shelton) any sort of publicity, this is too entertaining not to share.

On Sunday, the Westboro Baptist Church was at it bright and early, as they always are, spewing hate all over the internet. At one point, they decided to turn their attention to Blake Shelton on Twitter. The WBC has gone after Blake before, so this is actually an old rivalry. Anyway, Blake started it all by tweeting about the church being “at it” again. It’s not clear what he was referring to, but considering the fact that the WBC is always “at it,” it could have been anything.

The WBC is always up for a fight, so they were quick to launch into a happy little Twitter battle with Blake, pleading with “The Voice” coach to repent. 

Blake apparently decided to ignore the church’s suggestion to seek God’s mercy and instead answered his own question about Westboro members “nailing” their immediate family members.

That’s when the Westboro Baptist Church decided it was time to fight Twitter fire with something even bigger and more impressive … a YouTube video.

That’s right, the WBC made an eight minute YouTube video explaining all the things that are wrong with Blake Shelton in their eyes and why he needs to repent.

But, as if that wasn’t enough, the church revealed that they also had a musical parody of Blake’s song Boys ‘Round Here. 

Yes, really. And I have to say that it’s actually pretty entertaining, you know, for a song about whoremongers.

Now that, my friends, is dedication.

There was some various other back and forth. Eventually the church turned its attention to Gwen Stefani and it all went downhill from there. Today they’ve turned their evil eyes to the tragedy of the boy who died on the water slide yesterday and Blake is all but forgotten. But I’ll leave you with this one last lovely picture that Blake shot their way just to end it on a funny note.