Billy Gilman Reveals He Auditioned for “The Voice”


While most remember Billy Gilman as that adorable kiddo with some incredible pipes, the singer’s career has lasted long past his “One Voice” days. Over the past few years, he’s released quite a few singles digitally, including the romantic “Say You Will.” Although a ton of commercial success hasn’t come his way lately, the singer still has a legion of devoted fans, and rightfully so.

Last night, he took to Twitter to reveal that he had auditioned for this season of NBC’s The Voice.

He also shared the news on Facebook, writing, “It’s official and I can FINALLY LET IT OUT! One of the most EXCITING and crazy things I’ve ever had the honor of doing. Its been a long long hard journey to prove I am more than a child star and with this amazing opportunity it helps me stake my claim. Tune in September 19th for the official start of Season 11. I AM SO READY FOR YOU TO LOVE THIS JOURNEY AND TO VOTE!”

With his incredible voice and adorable personality, we hope Billy makes it far. In fact, if he were to win, he’d be following in the footsteps of last season’s winner, former child-star Alisan Porter.

Good luck Billy!