April Kry Releases Maren Morris Cover Video


If you haven’t yet heard the name April Kry, that is about to change. Kry has been writing, recording, and performing around Nashville for quite some time, releasing strong singles to radio and receiving acclaim from the likes of Sirius XM The Highway. She has also made a point of showing her versatility and respect for her fellow artists by releasing cover videos on her social media accounts.

This week, Kry took her cover videos a step further, sharing a professionally produced piece in support of her version of Maren Morris’s “80s Mercedes.” Giving the country music fan base a taste of her sweet nature mixed with a bit of sass, Kry took on the streets of Los Angeles to bring some extra heat to an already blazing summer.

With this video, not only does Kry, once again, prove that she has a voice that deserves a spot in the industry, but she gifts viewers with her playful personality to boot. Watch below as April Kry covers Maren Morris’s fan favorite, “80s Mercedes.”