Olympic Gold Medalist Aly Raisman Says “Country Music Always Puts Me In a Good Mood”


If you are Olympic gymnast Aly Raisman, chances are you are in a very good mood these days. Not only has Raisman been named a three-time Olympic champion (gold medal in team finals: 2012 and 2016; gold medal on floor: 2012), but she came back for redemption and one-upped herself (silver medal in the individual all-around: 2016). Oh, and that is only so far. Raisman still has one more event to go — the floor finals where she will attempt to best her teammate, Simone Biles, to defend her own Olympic title.

When Raisman prepares for her floor final tomorrow, what will she listen to in order to get herself pumped up for her final Olympic performance? It turns out Rascal Flatts and Chase Bryant just may find themselves on the golden girl’s playlist.

Raisman shared her pre-performance playlist with EW.com and explained that “country music always puts [her] in a good mood.” Included on her multi-genre list are Rascal Flatts’ “Rewind,” which makes her “happy and calm,” and Chase Bryant’s “Little Bit Of You,” chosen based on its lyrics.

Whatever it takes to give Raisman one last moment on the Olympic podium, we will support, but when it comes to the tune of some of our favorite country songs, well, consider us even bigger fans than we were before!