Interview: Gabbing with Adam Craig


There’s been a long-running adage that “nice guys finish last,” but when it comes to Adam Craig, we think that the nice guy is sure to finish first. The BBR Music Group’s Stoney Creek recording artist recently released his first single “Reckon” and is preparing his debut album. We chatted with Adam about his new single, his success as a songwriter and the music he’s loving today.

For those who may not know Adam Craig yet, he’s written some of the best country songs of the last decade and his EP is already available. In addition, his first single is sure to be burning up radios in the very near future. For those not yet familiar with his sound. he describes it as a hint of 90’s country with current updated sounds, focusing heavily on the old-school story song. “I love those songs,” he says. “I’m such a fan of the story song.”

His first single, “Reckon” is a lyrical journey, employing a clever play on words that’s sure to enrapture the listener’s ear. While Craig admits that it’s the only song on the project he didn’t write, he says it was love at first listen. Additionally, the demo finding its way to him was almost fate, as it was written by three of his regular co-writers, Randy Montana, Jeremy Stover, and Derek George. “The head of the label pitched it to me and right when it started playing…it reminded me of early Eric Church stuff and I’m a huge Eric Church fan…I love breakup songs so I knew i dug it and then I heard the chorus with the play on words and I was completely sold,” Craig says. “All of my circle of people that I write with wrote that song and I’m so thankful that I get to be the one singing it and out on the road promoting that song. I’m really excited about it.”

While Craig may not have written “Reckon,” he did write the rest of his EP and points to “Just a Phase” as one of his favorite songs he’s ever written. He also teases that he’s “fallen in love” with another song that he’s holding for his full-length album called “Why Can’t She.”

In addition to the songs he’s written, Craig has made a career as a songwriter, writing songs such as Parmalee’s top-5 hit “Close Your Eyes,” Love and Theft’s “Whiskey On My Breath” and Jason Aldean’s “Church Pew or Bar Stool.” His strength as a writer led him to a publishing deal with SONY and eventually, his current record deal. “I moved to Nashville to be an artist and somewhere in the middle of that, I discovered that maybe that wasn’t my thing and maybe songwriting was my thing,” He admits. “I focused so much on writing and then was very lucky to have a couple of cuts by some of my favorite artists and some of my good friends and that ended up being my path to getting an artist deal from the label. It’s crazy how it all worked out.”

Upon visiting the label to express his gratitude for getting so many cuts, he sat down and sang them a few songs. A week later, he was offered a record deal. “I’m forever grateful for this opportunity,” Craig admits.

As he preps a full album, for which he’s already written over 20 songs, Craig admits his dream duet partner would be Kelsea Ballerini. “She’s just so cool and so talented,” he says. In addition to digging Ballerini, Adam admits that he’s currently obsessed with Frankie Ballard’s new El Rio album and that he can’t stop blasting Billy Currington’s “It Don’t Hurt Like It Used To.” He also aims high when it comes to collaborations, laughing as he admits, “I would love to write a song with Eric Church, I’d like to play guitar with Keith Urban and I’d love to sing with Tim McGraw.”

When asked if he feels like he’s “made it” yet, Craig admits that he doesn’t think he’ll ever feel that way, as he has so many goals he’d like to achieve. In the short term, he hopes to have his single hit the charts and to join a tour to take his songs out on the road. “I’m really excited to see what the next step is, to get on a tour and get out there and play with the band.”

With his positive attitude, strong work ethic and undeniable talent, we “reckon” that Adam Craig will quickly begin checking things off his career bucket list.

Adam Craig’s EP is available for download here.