5 Things That Always Happen at a Carrie Underwood concert


If you’ve ever been lucky enough to attend a Carrie Underwood concert then you oughta be familiar with the 5 emotions that always go down during her time on stage.


  1. The moment you take your seat and realize you’re about to see Carrie in person is when the giddiness sets in that you’re about to be in the queen’s presence.

















2. The music starts and you immediately start to feel the music take over your body and you feel really chill.










3. But by the 5th chart topping song in you now have ZERO control of your body and you are in the confident stage because you know every single word to every single song.











4. You’re so confident in fact that anyone that tries to talk to you during one of Carrie’s songs, you actually can’t even. This is called the bratty(making this safe for work ya’ll) stage.










5. And finally after the encore has been sung and the lights are off, you look in the mirror and feel satisfied knowing you rocked the heck out of that concert.




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