Texting at a Kip Moore show may get you a stern talking to

Kip Moore on the phone
Image: YouTube

“Hey Fiona, I’m trying to do a damn show right now” should definitely be the next funny catch phrase after watching Kip Moore give this woman a stern (but hilarious) talking to at a recent show.

[adinserter block=”3″] A fan at the show was apparently texting a bit too much for the singer’s liking so he decided to take matters into his own hands (and ears) and put a funny stop to it. Taking the woman’s phone, he called the number (or maybe pretended to call the number, I’m not sure) she was talking to and gave her friend Fiona on the other end a lesson in not texting during his shows.

Take a look at Kip’s unique stop-your-damn-texting technique.


[youtube id=”_Rm1KXnOgO8″]

(H/T US 99.5)



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  1. golfandroses@hotmail.com'

    Incredible…Another artist telling the hard working, paying fan how to act…Get a grip Kip. As long as us fans pay to make you a millionaire, the least you can do is perform without scolding and belittling those who pay your salary. Nobody forces you to tour, but I guess it does help sell the records and keep your career relevant. Here is an idea. Get on Country radio and apologize for YOUR behavior. Yea…I thought so…

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