Taylor Swift: Another day, another obsessed fan on her doorstep

Taylor Swift trespasser Joseph Bernatche - TMZ
Image: TMZ

What is it about Taylor Swift that makes random men want to show up at her various homes and get themselves arrested and/or hospitalized?

Anyhoo, on Wednesday, Taylor had another unwanted visitor at her home in Rhode Island when, by the looks of his mugshot above, age-inappropriate suitor Joseph Bernatche showed up to propose marriage. According to TMZ, Bernatche told guards he was scheduled to see the singer. He then began crying because, as he told responding officers, he was supposed to marry Taylor but her relationship with Tom Hiddleston was ruining his plans.

[adinserter block=”3″] In case the crying about not being able to marry Taylor didn’t clue you in, police now say he has mental issues.

It’s not clear if Taylor was home at the time, but later that night she headed to Australia with Hiddleston, so either way she didn’t seem too bothered by the incident.

On a side note, TMZ is now reporting that the day before Bernatche showed up at Taylor’s place, he was arrested for running into the middle of a street in Maine and flashing his penis at a passing motorist. Apparently he wanted to “expose the difference between sex and love.”

So, yeah, just another day in the life of Taylor Swift.


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