Sarahbeth Taite Sings with Sweet Honesty on Debut EP


On her self-titled debut EP, Sarahbeth Taite introduces herself to the country music audience with her honest songwriting, and a sound that mixes simple country sounds with a little bit of outside influence sprinkled in here and there.
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The album kicks off with Taite looking at the end of a relationship from another angle on “He Loves Me.” It sucks because the relationship is over, but it’s not the end of the world even though it may seem like you’ll never love again. The song’s bright production and her voice, which evokes what sunlight probably sounds like, assures those in the heartbreak stage that there is light at the end of the tunnel.

Taite sends out a sweet and assertive message of self-confidence on “Enough.” It’s not difficult to find evidence of the hard-to-reach standards that have been set for females. This is a song empowering women everywhere to stand up to men when they pushed into an uncomfortable situation, and that beauty magazines shouldn’t dictate how they feel about themselves.
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She focuses on individuality on the “Be Yourself.” Everyone compares themselves to everyone else, and may even try to pick up certain traits of others, but Taite knows there’s nothing cooler than celebrating your own unique self. The song’s heavy mix of banjo and a big, but not overbearing, backbeat will get your feet tapping before you know it.

The album closer, “Insane,” deals with the realization that it’s time to end a relationship that has no future. Her voice on this song is very calm and controlled, which is very reminiscent of acclaimed country singer-songwriter Ashley Monroe. The chorus is simple, catchy, and does a great play on Albert Einstein’s definition of insanity.
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The EP is a great introduction for Sarahbeth Taite on all fronts. She has a voice you could listen to all day, she co-wrote all of the songs, and it’s clear she has a knack for mixing catchy hooks with substance. Furthermore, none of the songs feel over-produced and that points to the care that was surely taken to make sure every decision was made with the songs’ best interests in mind. And with a mindset like that, Sarahbeth Taite is going to have a long career in country music.