Michael Ray Pays Tribute to Fallen Police Officer at NY Concert

michael ray takes fan beind his tattoos

This past weekend, Michael Ray played a show at Long Island’s Jones Beach Theater, opening for Darius Rucker. Prior to the show, Ray was hanging out with the rowdy tailgate crowd when he came across some fans showing support for a fallen police officer.
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Concert attendee Nick Runko took to Facebook to share his experience with Michael Ray, which has since received well over one thousand shares. He writes:

I just want to recognize artist Michael Ray for his support. He opened for the Darius Rucker concert at Jones Beach Theater on LI Sunday night. Before the show he came out to the parking lot where we were tailgating to meet some fans. He asked about the poster we had displayed of friend and coworker, fallen officer Brian Moore. After telling him Brian’s story he asked if he could take a picture with the poster wearing my NYPD hat. He then asked if he could keep my hat as a souvenir because he had upmost respect for the job as some of his family members also serve in different emergency services. Gladly I gave it to him. Afterwords, while preforming, not only did he make a special song detection [sic] to Brian Moore stating the hero that he was, he also proudly wore my hat on stage with Darius! Mr. Ray I thank you for being a total gentlemen and recognizing the sacrifices the men and women of law enforcement make. I along with many other fans in the stands sincerely appreciated it! God bless!


Runko admitted that as much as Michael Ray was inspired by the NYPD, the inspiration was mutual. “Michael Ray’s actions were inspiring to many of us cops,” said Runko. “It’s people like him who remind us that we must keep our heads held high for the people we serve and protect each and every day we go to work! While at the tailgate he repeatedly thanked us for our service.”
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Prior to performing his recent single, “Real Men Love Jesus,” Ray dedicated the song to fallen NYPD officer Brian Moore. “I was hanging out at the tailgate with a bunch of friends of hero named Brian Moore. He was an NYPD officer that got killed,” Ray said on-stage. “It’s because of hero’s like him that we get to do what we do right here. This song goes out to Brian Moore and anybody that knows somebody who has fallen in the line of duty. This song is called ‘Real Men Love Jesus’.”
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