Margo Price paid a pretty big price to record an album


Margo Price has been a name that has been on the tip of many tongues in the country music scene. Price, who is on Jack White’s record label Third Man Record, fuses together witty traditional lyrics with a truly innovative voice.  With a voice like that, one would assume it was easy for her to rise to success, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Trial after trial is what gives you the artist you see today.

Belfast spoke to Margo and this is what she had to say:

Price was signed to Jack White’s label, Third Man – but only after she’d recorded her debut, which she had to finance the recording of herself, achieved by selling her car and pawning her wedding ring. The sacrifices paid off though; Midwest Farmer’s Daughter’s already being talked about as one of ‘the’ albums of 2016.

To hear what the fuss is about, check her out below: