Kip Moore is on to us bloggers and our viral story tactics

Kip Moore ET Canada
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Well shoot, looks like the gig is up because Kip Moore is onto us bloggers.

Blogging is sometimes like a big ol’ game of telephone. Remember telephone? It’s the game where a group of friends would sit next to each other and one person would whisper something in another person’s ear and that person would whisper what they heard into another person’s ear and so on and so on. Once the last person was reached, that person would say out loud what the “secret” was. It was usually hilarious how different the end result was compared to the beginning.

Blogging is very much like that.

[adinserter block=”3″] On June 30th, Chicago station US 99.5 put up a funny video of Kip Moore “busting” a texter during a concert. Their advice was to definitely text during Kip’s show because you might just get to talk to him.

They obviously thought the video was funny.

A little less than a week later, I picked up the story (posted at 7:30 in the morning) and wrote about how texting at a Kip Moore show may get you a stern (but hilarious) talking to. I thought the video was funny and it seemed like most people agreed. There were a few who thought Kip was being a jerk (because there’s always those few in the crowd, you know?), but for the most part everyone got that it was all in fun and thought it was cute.

Within a few hours the story blew up. Bigger sites picked it up (without credit as to where they got the story idea from, of course, because that’s how these things unfortunately work these days), and before you knew it the story was everywhere. Unfortunately, as tends to happen, with each new telling of the story it seemed like it went from being funny to being a serious story. Like Kip was really angry and calling this person out for daring to text during his concert. If you watch the video, you can clearly see that the singer was just playing around, but the internet is the internet so, you know, fun things eventually get crapped on.

Fortunately (or maybe unfortunately, I don’t know), Kip Moore says he understands how these things work. He told ET Canada during last weekend’s CMT Music Fest that he figures these sorts of things get blown out of proportion mostly on purpose.

“I think the whole damn thing has been so overblown,” he said. “I joke with people all the time who are texting at shows. And I understand what blogs and stations will do – they’ll put a pose [sic] to stir the controversy because they know people won’t watch the video. But it was all in good fun. I take people’s phones and I’ll call who they were texting and say ‘can you hold on a damn minute, I’m doing a show?’ just to have fun with them.”

Honestly, I don’t think most sites were trying to blow anything out of proportion because most got the fact that the video was funny. I just think it’s the nature of the internet and the Telephone Game aspect of it. You have writers who see something funny and post about it and then you have other writers who maybe don’t have the same sense of humor but want to write about something viral, so they post about it anyway and make the story more serious than it should have been. Then you have thousands of social media fans out there who don’t take the time to read a story (or watch a video), but rather will base their opinion solely on the title of a blog post. It’s those sorts of things that end up making a funny video turn into something completely the opposite.

It’s unfortunate and definitely makes me feel bad for the stars that have to worry about everything they do ending up on YouTube and being turned into something different than it was meant to be.

But such is life in 2016, I guess.

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    Not sure why you would want bigger sites to credit where they got source from, as if you’re the first person who posted it? Not sure but did you give credit to the person who took the video? Move on from this you have been talking about it for much too long

    1. Shannon

      I’m sorry but it’s about common courtesy. And I wasn’t the first person who posted the video, which is why I gave credit to where I found it, US99.5. But I was the first major blog besides US99.5 to post it. Their story was a week old before I posted about it and just a few hours after I wrote about it, the story had gone viral because other sites had picked up the story. I’m sorry if working my butt off to come up with unique content and then having other larger sites come along and use my hard work to make their job easier without any credit upsets me. And no, I didn’t give credit to the person who shot the video, but if someone wanted to see who shot the video all they have to do is click the link on the video and they can see the photographer’s info, all their other videos, etc. But talking about the photographer, how do you think they would have felt if someone on YouTube stole their video, made a copy, and then that copy went viral? Do you think they would be like, oh well? Time to move on. No, pretty sure they would not be happy. It’s all along the same lines.

      And I wrote this story today because Kip Moore talked to ET Canada about it just last weekend (they posted the video yesterday). I haven’t been talking about this for a week. I talked about it last week with the original story and then I talked about it today because there was a new twist associated with it.

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