Kenny Chesney Announces New Title For Forthcoming Album


Earlier this week, Kenny Chesney announced the delayed release of his forthcoming album, Some Town Somewhere, and the addition of a P!nk duet. Now, Chesney has surprised fans (and his own team!) once again, announcing that the album underwent a name change, boasting the new title Cosmic Hallelujah.

Chesney explained his decision to re-title the project when he visited Good Morning America today:

The more I listened, the more these songs’ energy– especially “Setting The World On Fire” – took hold. “Some Town Somewhere” is a great title, and it’s every single one of us. But then there’s how the album fits together, and even expands on what the last album did. So, I could go with what was already in place, or I could grab the title that felt the most right. In the end, these album titles are around for a very long time. I really try to have titles that give people a sense of what the music is, and what the album is all about. There sure is a lot of “Some Town Somewhere” for sure, but really when I pulled back and listened: these songs are all about taking “The Big Revival” to the next level; that level is Cosmic Hallelujah.

Cosmic Hallelujah drops on October 28.