Join the Fun and Do the “Night Crawl” With Jo Dee Messina and Autumn Calabrese (Listen!)


When Autumn Calabrese decided to combine her love of country music, dancing, and fitness, there was one name that immediately came to mind: Jo Dee Messina. A longtime fan of the country music sensation, Calabrese called the Beachbody celebrity coach and asked her for a personal favor — to write and perform an original song for her Country Heat program.
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The rest is history.

Messina, who often speaks of her reciprocated admiration for the acclaimed fitness trainer, picked Calabrese’s brain before hitting the drawing board and created a perfect tune for the line dancing fitness program (to be detailed in our exclusive interview with Autumn Calabrese later this week). Upon sending the finished product, “Night Crawl,” to Calabrese, the fitness guru with a dance background choreographed a low-impact, high-energy routine, guaranteed to raise your heart rate while having the time of your life.
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The song marks the first official release from Messina in 2016 and shows off her playful and light-hearted side. Encouraging everybody to hit the floor, have some fun, and do the “Night Crawl,” Messina shows her support of Calabrese and appreciation for the success she has personally had with Beachbody programs.
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Listen to “Night Crawl” on Spotify and download it now on iTunes, Google Play, or Amazon. For more information on Country Heat, visit or