It’s here! Take a listen to Miranda Lambert’s new song ‘Vice’

Image: Becky Fluke
Image: Becky Fluke

I’m not sure what I was expecting, but this probably wasn’t it.

Miranda Lambert’s new song Vice hit Spotify just a few minutes ago and let’s just say the song is so sad. Okay, maybe sad isn’t quite the right word, more like soul-baring maybe.

The song starts out with just Miranda singing:

Sting of the needle droppin’ on a vinyl, neon singer with a jukebox title full of heartbreak.
When it hurts this good, you’ve gotta play it twice.
Another vice.

Then the music starts with a slow beat that just makes you want to sway. Miranda’s voice is so pure and sweet it actually gave me chills. I’ve listened to the song four or five times and I think it’s damn amazing.

Check it out on Spotify here. I will post a video here once it’s available on YouTube.

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    Once again Miranda has a song that songs like nothing on the radio. Love the vibe of the song. Just so so good! Can’t wait to hear the whole album. Do ya know when it will be on iTunes?

    1. Shannon

      Just saw that Vice is available on iTunes now.

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