Is Miranda Lambert dropping a new single this month?

Miranda Lambert in Bethel, NY - Instagram

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UPDATE: This story is now confirmed.

When she hasn’t been busy touring, finding homes for dozens of dogs, shutting down various businesses from her past, or breaking down on the side of the road, it looks like Miranda Lambert has actually been able to get a little recording time in. In fact, word on the street is she might just be getting ready to release her first single post divorce in just a few short days.

Okay, it’s actually like 11 days, but who’s counting?

In response to an Entertainment Tonight story, Spokane radio station Coyote Country 99.9 tweeted out recently that they were going to have Miranda’s new single on July 18. While I couldn’t find 99.9’s actual tweet, it was screen grabbed on Twitter.

Several other people on Twitter are also saying their radio stations are saying July 18 for the new single, so hopefully everyone is right.

Although nothing official has come out of Miranda’s camp just yet, the singer had recently said that she’d been hard at work on new music. She talked with Entertainment Tonight back in April about her process.

“I’ve been off the road a little bit, so I’ve been able to kind of go into the creative mode, which is good,” the singer gushed. “I’ve been in Nashville a lot, so I’ve really been able to write a lot with friends.”

“I’m not rushing trying to get a project done, just taking my time, enjoying it, going to see live music. Just kind of being in it,” she continued. “Just getting creative. That’s what I do. That’s what I love the most.”

So do you think Miranda will talk about her divorce in her new song or will she celebrate her new relationship? Or do you think the song will be completely unrelated to either? I’m kind of hoping for unrelated myself.

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