Is Eric Church thinking about his next album?


Eric Church told that when it comes to his next record, well….he isn’t thinking about it. But it’s not exactly a bad thing. Check out what he said below:
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Have you started thinking about your next album yet?

No. I didn’t want to put a record out. I didn’t need to put a record out, I was taking this year off. Basically, once I put out Mr. Misunderstood I’ve been just hanging. I was supposed to be writing.  I don’t really have a direction after Mr. Misunderstood, it happened so fast. I don’t really know where to go. That was kind of an honest, grown up assessment of where we were. I haven’t really been working on anything for the past few months, other than the next tour, which we’re kicking off in January, so we’ve been working on that. We’ll be releasing some of that information in the next month or two.
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Well, a tour isn’t exactly something not to be excited about. I mean, it IS Eric Church and his tours NEVER disappoint. buy proair online no prescription