Garth Brooks Gets Own Channel On SiriusXM

Garth Brooks World Tour Opening Night - Rosemont, IL

As if Garth Brooks hasn’t already taken over the world, now the man who made a comeback like no other is taking over SiriusXM.

Beginning on September 8, Brooks will have his own dedicated satellite radio channel, playing his music and that of those who have influenced him, 24/7. “The Garth Channel” will also include Brooks as a host and commentator, guest DJ specials by Brooks, fans, and friends, and live performances. In discussing his new channel, Brooks stated:

It’s rare to be handed an opportunity that can grow as big as you can dream. That is exactly what SiriusXM has just done. I speak for myself and the entire team when I say we are very grateful for this opportunity and very excited about its potential.

Garth Brooks’ channel will be available online and through the SiriusXM app.