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AXE Stage Pass is a music platform that features exclusive performances and interviews from today’s hottest musicians, like Grammy-nominated Charlie Puth, Sam Hunt, and now Dierks Bentley. 

The historic George’s Majestic Lounge in Fayetteville, Arkansas was, according to their website, the first bar to integrate in the late 50′s, the first bar in Northwest Arkansas to offer color television, and the first pizza delivery service in Northwest Arkansas. Now it has a new distinction because on Saturday, April 30th, it became THE best place to be to see Dierks Bentley thanks to Walmart and #AXEStagePass.

While the show was a private event, thanks to the magic of the internet you now have the best seat in the house because you can watch (and rewatch and rewatch) the best parts of the evening from the comfort of your own couch.

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Aside from treating its viewers to performances of three of Dierks’ hit songs including Somewhere on a Beach, What the Hell Did I Say?, and Drunk on a Plane, the team at AXE Stage Pass shared several up-close and personal conversations with the hit-maker.

In the first of the four interview clips, Dierks talks about the inspiration for the title track off his new album, Black.

I wrote the song Black, a song about the passion of moment with somebody. It’s a pretty intense song. I love the song and I love the fact that the title Black is also my wife’s maiden name so it kind of had this double meaning for me. That became the inspiration for the album, just looking back at the relationship I’ve been in for the last ten years and just the crazy things love will make you do and how it kind of forces you to grow up when you’re with somebody for a long time.

On his collaborations with Elle King, Maren Morris, and the other women who helped make his album Black what it is.

This is the first record where I’ve really had this many collaborations. I didn’t think about this at the time, but it’s really kind of a cool thing to have all of these girls on the record with me because it’s about relationships, so why not bring a girl in to kind of have this conversation.

Dierks Bentley interview #AxeStagePass
Image: #AxeStagePass

Dierks also talks about what it’s like performing his #1 song, Somewhere on a Beach, how he makes his personal life and touring work together, and the one person in country music he looks up to the most (hint, he’s a fellow pilot).

Image: Provided

During his three performances, Bentley dances along with the eager fans to Somewhere On a Beach, rocks out to What The Hell Did I Just Say?, and gets the disco party going during Drunk on a Plane.

So be sure to visit AXE Stage Pass today to grab a front row seat for Dierks’ up-close-and-personal party. Click here for your “ticket”!

Dierks Bentley and fans #AXEStagePass

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