Dierks Bentley’s four-legged best friend Jake passes away


Oh man, my heart goes out to Dierks Bentley who announced this morning that his old dog Jake had passed away.

Jake, of course, had been right by Dierks’ side through his rise to fame, traveling with him on his bus, to the Grand Ole Opry, and even attending awards shows with the singer. Dierks recently revealed to Taste of Country that 15-year-old Jake was battling cancer and that he was helping him to fight as much as possible despite knowing the end was near. Dierks also revealed that he had changed a verse of the song Can’t Be Replaced off his newest album, Black, to honor old Jake.

For 15 years, right by my side / From a single man to three kids and a wife / Friends come and go, but when it comes to Jake / There’s just some things that can’t be replaced.

It’s never easy to say good-bye to a pet, especially one who was so loyal for so many years. You’ll be missed, Jake.

Here’s Can’t Be Replaced just in case you want a good cry.

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