Ermahgerd … teenage Chris Young looks like every single one of my high school crushes


#TBT, indeed!

Chris Young easily won #ThrowBackThursday today when he posted this completely FABULOUS!!! video of a much younger him singing a song called “Because of You.”
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It made me laugh because he totally looks like every single one of my high school crushes ever.

I thought maybe this song the young Mr. Young was singing was a well-known country song that I just couldn’t place, but after doing a little snooping around I guess it’s really not. Searching for the lyrics I found this website for songwriter Teresa Wade. A little more digging and I came across this CMT article from a couple of days ago where they were talking about the YouTube version of this video that Whiskey Riff had dug up. CMT’s Alison Bonaguro did a little digging herself and came up with this info for the mysterious song:

Here’s what I do know about the song, though. It was written by Teresa Wade and Charlie Craig, sometime maybe around 2000. Lance Miller, former Nashville Star runner-up a couple years before Young won the TV competition in 2006, has a version of it out there, but it’s not for sale.

Man, you gotta love the internet and all its hidden little gems.
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(The Bull)