Cassidy Lynn Releases EP And Unveils #PolaroidProject


We recently introduced you to singer-songwriter Cassidy Lynn, a talent we have been fans of for quite some time. Today, Lynn has reason to celebrate, as her passion project, The Polaroid Project EP, is officially available to the public. Throwing it back to a more traditional sound, the music on which she was raised, Lynn lends her country-heavy vocals and storytelling to four distinct songs that will set her apart from other rising artists.

Making a very smooth transition from a Sirius XM The Highway No. 1 songwriter (Glen Templeton’s “Ball Cap”) to a singer in her own right, Lynn demonstrates that she is more than a pen behind-the-scenes and is very much a performer with front [wo]man potential. What is especially evident on the project is the strong writing background Lynn brings to the forefront, with highlights that include lines like “hey loser, don’t lose her” (“Loser”). Lynn also proves her ability to vocally tackle a slow-tempo tune and crank it up to a faster-paced, electric guitar-supported song and everything in between, despite being confined to only a handful of tracks on this particular album.

Making it simply impossible to choose one song that is an absolute standout on the disc, the entire track list will leave Polaroid Project EP owners listening on loop and wanting more. For those who are able to pick up a copy of Lynn’s EP at a live show, that “more” you are craving is a reality, as you can receive a free download of a fifth track upon taking a Polaroid picture with Cassidy, posting it to social media by using the hashtag #PolaroidProject, and sending an e-mail to the project (details on

Track List:

Lover’s Lane (Cassidy Lynn, Sarah Turner, Anthony Olympia)
Loser (Lynn, Alex Masters)
Water Into Wine (Lynn, Mark Narmore)
Wallpaper Flowers (Lynn, Ben Danaher)

Download a copy of Polaroid Project EP NOW on iTunes.




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