Caitlyn Smith Takes Fans To Tacoma With Stunning Music Video


Every now and then in life you come across a song that changes your world. Whether it is the lyrics that tell your personal tale, the singer who relays a message in a way that touches your heart, or the combination of storytelling and delivery that resonates with you, sometimes a song comes out of thin air and leaves a permanent mark on your life.

That is what Caitlyn Smith‘s “Tacoma did to me two years ago. If you have been following my writing since that fateful 2014 day I got to see her bring a crowd in the Bahamas to its feet, you know this has long been a personal favorite.

Today, Smith made my musical dreams come true with her own official release of “Tacoma,” following the addition of the track to Garth Brooks’ Man Against Machine album in 2014. With CMT now premiering an official music video for the song that has been one of Smith’s staples for years, the No. 1 songwriter is finally able to show Mainstream, USA that writers aren’t just pens behind the scenes, but some of the most vocally talented individuals in the game.

Watch Caitlyn Smith’s beautiful “Tacoma” video on now by clicking here.

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