Brett Eldredge’s new puppy, Edgar, is the greatest fashion accessory ever!

Brett Eldredge and Edgar - Snapchat
Image: Brett Eldredge Snapchat via America’s Morning Show

Have you heard the adorable news?!? Brett Eldredge has a super cute new puppy named Edgar.

And Edgar is the most awesome fashion accessory ever! [adinserter block=”3″]

Brett first shared news of his adorable new “partner in crime” on Snapchat earlier this week, promising fans that he wouldn’t turn his social media accounts into a fur-baby-sharing free for all. Not that fans would mind at all if he did, I’m sure.

Shortly after news of the arrival of his new bestie became public, someone on Twitter pointed out to me that Edgar’s fur color matched Brett’s hair color almost perfectly.

So, like I said, best fashion accessory ever!

If you’d like to keep up with Edgar’s adventures (or Brett’s), you can follow him on Snapchat (username: BrettEldredge), Twitter (@BrettEldredge), Facebook (BrettEldredge), and Instagram (bretteldredge)

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