Brad Paisley comes to the rescue with free concert after festival cancelled

brad paisley free concert
Image: Billboard

When the Buckle Up Music Festival in Cincinnati was suddenly cancelled recently, Brad Paisley decided to go ahead and schedule a free concert for disappointed fans. 

Buying tickets for a music festival is usually a really big deal. Sure, it’s wonderful that you generally get to see loads of great artists all in one place, but it’s the price of tickets that can really knock you over.

So imagine if you bought tickets and then had the festival cancel at the last minute. Yikes!

That’s what happened with fans who purchased tickets to the Buckle Up Music Festival in Blue Ash, Ohio. The two-day party was scheduled to take place August 5-6, but earlier this week, it was announced via social media that the show wouldn’t go on.

Fans were offered full refunds, which I’m sure helped to ease the sting a little, but still, they were losing out on getting to see Brad Paisley, Randy Houser, Chase Rice, Maddie & Tae, Tyler Farr, and others perform.
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So, yeah, bummer.

But then Brad Paisley did something cool. He scheduled a free concert in the area.
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Riverbend Music Center announced on Wednesday that three of the acts who were supposed to play the festival – Brad Paisley, Maddie & Tae, and Tyler Farr – will instead play there on August 6 free of charge.
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Paisley told B-105, “I had a day off and I love your area and I love the amphitheatre, so we’re going to do a free concert with my tour at Riverbend.”

What a cool guy.

Of course, all the tickets to the free show were sold out given away in about 20 minutes, so I’m sure most of the fans who planned on attending the festival were probably still screwed out of getting to see Paisley and the others perform, but still, it was a nice gesture on Paisley’s part.

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