Blake Shelton Prepares Feast Fit For His Queen


When you are Blake Shelton‘s girlfriend, you should expect the unexpected. That is what Gwen Stefani learned following her This Is What the Truth Feels Like Tour kickoff in New England last night.

To celebrate Stefani’s tour, People reports that Shelton didn’t just rely on some good ole fashion catering to prepare a feast fit for a queen — he rented out an entire food truck. Called to the scene was New England’s “The Cod Squad,” owned by Captain Marden’s Seafoods. The Squad provided Stefani and crew with lobster rolls, fried calamari, clam chowder, and french fries to accompany their beverages of choice.

And The Cod Squad…well, they gushed a bit about how nice the patrons were during this last minute New England-inspired meal.

The guys on the truck, they said they were regular people, very friendly. They couldn’t say enough about them.