Blake Shelton publicly disputes Perez Hilton story about Gwen Stefani

Image: Instagram

Image: Instagram

Gwen Stefani is currently out on her  This Is What The Truth Feels Like Tour and, depending on who you ask, she’s either completely bombing or she’s doing fantastically.

In one corner we have notorious celebrity gossip blogger Perez Hilton who posted a story last week claiming that Stefani had to slash ticket prices to get anyone to come to her opening night show and that the show at the Xfinity Center in Boston, Massachusetts was pretty much empty, despite reps handing out free tickets.

According to EXCLUSIVE sources, Live Nation reps were standing outside the theatre and LITERALLY handed out free tix to anyone! In order to make the place seem packed, the venue cut off the lawn — which seats thousands — and relocated those people to the front.

Gwen had livestreamed the show on Yahoo, so making the place seem packed was pretty important. Perez also posted a video which, to be honest, did make the audience look pretty sparse.

But Blake Shelton was having none of it. The next day the singer took to Twitter to defend his girlfriend, posting a couple of pictures of the concert to dispute Perez’s claim that Gwen’s audience had been empty.

Of course, Blake doesn’t mention Perez’s story directly, but he didn’t really need to.

Whether Perez’s report is true and the show was a big bomb or it’s completely fabricated, it’s definitely kind of sweet that Blake got online and defended his lady love.

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