Where does Taylor Swift go after a break up?

Copyright : Instagram

In news heard around the world (no, really….it started trending almost immediately), Taylor Swift and boyfriend, Calvin Harris parted ways after 15 months of a ground breaking relationship. Ground breaking you ask? Yes. Ground breaking because Swift managed to maintain a career, create lasting friendships and feel comfortable enough with someone to share that spotlight with them. For someone that was as chastised as Taylor Swift was when it came to failed relationships, the risk was high. But she took it.

So where do you go when you that risk you took ends up ultimately failing? To your childhood best friend in Nashville, TN.

Abigail Anderson, Taylor’s best friend from literally way back, posted the above photo with the caption:

There are few things more significant or valuable than a friendship that will withstand the test of time. Thank you for getting me. Always.@taylorswift

So, instead of concentrating on the age old joke of “well, here comes her next album”, why don’t we applaud the young adult that is handling a break up with the grace and dignity of wise soul?