Southern Halo Yearns for Home on “Rewind”

Rewind Single Cover art

Southern Halo’s new single, “Rewind,” is just the kind of summer song you’ve been looking for. It’s going to make you turn it up and start dancing, but it has a light feel with addicting harmonies that won’t attack your ears like so many summer anthems do.
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The song is a terrific representation of what up-and-coming country artists go through as they start their journey, which consists of visiting countless radio stations scattered throughout the country in hopes of scoring airplay and fans. While they love doing it, they’re also looking forward to the next time they’re traveling down the familiar roads of their hometown. That’s when they’re able to be with their loved ones until it’s time to hop back on the road.

Many songs like this have been written, and have failed to connect. But this song is written in a way that’s both specific to being a touring artist and easy for everyone else to relate to. The first verse alone details a little bit of life on the road with lyrics such as “Looking out my window at Sunset Boulevard,” and singing about flying over Texas and landing in New York.
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The chorus is makes it more universal. It talks about waiting to get home, and spending time with that special someone. As the day is slowly winding down all they want to do is press rewind.

Despite it’s depictions of life on the road, it’s a song about home. No matter your profession there really is nothing like being home with the ones you love, and it’s those moments that you wish you could relive again, and again.
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