Exclusive Interview: Sara Evans & Todd Chrisley Share Infinite Love


During CMA Fest week, Nashville was filled with love. Love for country music, love for country artists, love for fans … and “Infinite Love.” Emerging as a duo of sorts, Sara Evans and Todd Chrisley made their rounds of Music City during the craziest week of the year to promote their seemingly unlikely collaboration. In fact, when asked about the pairing, Sara exclaimed, “I know! Isn’t it weird?!”

Weird, perhaps, but also somewhat magical.

Sara explained that she and Todd have been friends for years, but the musical partnership came about in kismet fashion. Using songwriter Shane Stevens as a matchmaker of sorts, Todd approached the longtime Sara co-writer with the idea of penning a song for his wife, Julie, for her birthday. When Shane asked Todd who he wanted to sing the song with, he told him “Sara Evans.” From that point on, the ball began to roll.

Sara: Todd called me out of the blue last Christmas break and we talked for like two hours on the phone, and then he invited me to come up and be on the show, and sing the song, and actually record the song. So, now the episode is about to air on Tuesday, and I’m so nervous. Have you seen it?
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Todd: I have seen it, yes. She does wonderful, she looks beautiful on the show, and it’s a great performance. You know, Julie did not know this was happening. She thought she was just planning a party for her birthday, and then not until she arrived was she told that she planned her own surprise birthday party.

Sara: And the look on her face. I mean, it really was precious. It was so sweet. She was just like “ah!” It was a very special moment.

In fact, the moment was so special for his wife that Todd boasted, “Trust me. It worked for me for about three weeks.”
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The patriarch of the Chrisley family isn’t the only one who made out like a bandit through this musical connection. His son, twenty-year-old Chase Chrisley, was able to meet Sara and plot running interference between her and her husband.

Chase is twenty and Chase still thinks he is going to be able to come between Sara and her husband. When Sara walked out everyone was like “Oh my God!” And that was the moment. That’s the moment you want to have when you are doing something special for someone you love.

For Sara and Todd, “Infinite Love” has already become more than a project from the heart. It is now also the first charted song in their partnership, rising to No. 8 on the country charts and No. 38 across all genres in only a matter of days.

Sara: Isn’t that crazy?

Todd: I say that I credit Sara for putting me on the charts!

Sara: And I say that too!

Aside from bringing chart placement to one another’s lives, the two quite obviously bring happiness and laughter to the table, considering everybody was all smiles and hysterics throughout our entire visit. Based on the overwhelming joy each experiences with the other by his/her side, it is likely “Infinite Love” is not the last of their collaborative efforts.

Todd: I think there’s a lot of things in the future that’s gonna happen for both of us. I think there’s some things we’re gonna work on jointly that’ll come out later on. I think right now she’s pursuing a career she’s had forever and only people can dream of having. I’m going to continue what I’m doing. I have a daytime talk show, I’m partnering with Steve Harvey and I’ll start working on in October. I have a game show coming out. Then I have a prank show coming out. Then my book comes out in 2017.
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Sara: I am getting ready to go back in the studio this summer and start a new record, so I just wrote the first song for the album on Thursday with Marcus Hummon, so I’m totally in that mode, the creative mode, and totally excited about it. And I’m touring. And, you know, hanging out with Todd every now and then. . . . Laughing a lot!

If you want to laugh with Sara and Todd, you can catch the fourth season summer finale of Chrisley Knows Best tonight on USA Network and watch these two perform their charted single. You can also download a copy of “Infinite Love” on iTunes now to add to your forever collection.