Great news for fans. It looks like Nashville will get a 5th season after all


After a month of ups and downs, anger and tears, online petitions and a season-ending, fan-angering cliffhanger, it looks like ABC’s recently-canceled country music drama ‘Nashville’ may have found a new home. And it couldn’t be a more perfect fit.

The Hollywood Reporter is reporting that CMT is in final talks to air a fifth season for the popular show and that an announcement could come as early as Wednesday.

CMT was one of the rumored potential homes for Nashville — Hulu, Lifetime, Bravo and E! also had been mentioned in recent weeks as producers Lionsgate Television has remained steadfast in its pursuit of a fifth season. A formal announcement could come Wednesday during the CMT Awards.

It just makes you wonder if the show will be as popular on a pay channel as it has been on ABC. Will you still tune in to the show if it airs on cable as opposed to a free, over-the-air channel?

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Update: The Tennessean is now reporting that Nashville will indeed appear on CMT first and then Hulu afterwards.




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