Miranda Lambert Meet and Greet Photos Are Interesting

Miranda Lambert has kept a relatively tight lip about her ex husband Blake Shelton‘s highly publicized romance with singer Gwen Stefani, but her fans on the other hand…well, that’s a different story. They haven’t been afraid to take to social media to share their opinions on the whole ordeal and apparently they aren’t afraid to take to meet and greets with Miranda to express their true feelings on the subject. The best part? Miranda DGAF’s and is posing with them. Hey…soon enough this will just be a memory and everyone will move on, right?
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  1. gretssh@gmail.com'
    Judy Brown

    As a grandmother I am so disappointed in Miranda Lambert tonight. The world is so full of hate and now this woman who my granddaughter Emily looked up to, is just spreading more hate. I’m sure Miranda is jealous about her ex husband’s new love but doesn’t she have a new boyfriend herself? I feel sad and embarrassed for that young man because she’s clearly not over Blake Shelton.

  2. Chablis315@aol.com'

    Wow so the Stefani fans got you to take the bait! That poster was what the radio station picked as its contest winner. Don’t play into the Gwen fans spreading hate plan. Aren’t you a COUNTRY site?

  3. Larri78@aol.com'
    Hillary Adams

    Wrong grandma, these were done a few weeks ago & days ago. Gwen fans posted them to cause drama- they got you. These are the ONLY M&G pics like this. The Gwen one was a radio m&g winner she had nothing to do with. If you were a Miranda fan & attended her concerts you would have seen that she is in a very happy place & is literally glowing, super smiley at concerts. Who is passing the hate on right now?

  4. secun@aol.com'

    gorgeous Miranda lambert love you secun <

  5. jeelly89@gmail.com'
    Jaycee Smith

    Maybe Gwen is jealous. I bet it is hard to walk in Miranda shoes.

  6. jjschuster@aol.com'

    Miranda, would like you to keep your bassist, Aden Bubeck in the background. When he comes forward, it looks like he is attempting to upstage you and when he rubs up against you, it ruins your performance. He has a look that is obnoxious.

  7. wendyfracassi@gmail.com'

    Judy get off of it, it was what the fan wanted in the pic and they pay a lot to have their pic taken with the celebrity. Got to remember Miranda and Blake were a couple for 11 years! And they had their fans too and they are just upset about this divorce and it’s not hate? Its kinda funny.

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