Lauren Alaina Could Be The Most Underrated Female Artist In Country Music


CMA Fest 2016 gave Nashville’s residents and tourists some of the best music in the history of the four-day festival. Whether you wandered the streets during the day and visited free stages, stayed cool inside Fan Fair X, or got your musical fix each night at Nissan Stadium, you were exposed to some of country music’s finest.

One of the artists who made her mark on the annual event was Universal Music Group recording artist, Lauren Alaina. Alaina closed out the Chevy Cruze Park Stage at Walk Of Fame Park show on Friday, June 10, drawing the largest crowd of the week at the new and highly popular stage. And rightfully so.

It goes without saying Alaina’s voice is, bar none, one of the best in the business. There is no beginning, there is no end when it comes to her range, but even more impressive is the amount of power, clarity, and control that she exhibits with every note she hits. When you couple Alaina’s immeasurable talent with her incomparable personality and sense of humor, the star goes from bright to bursting. Alaina can crack a joke and leave thousands in stitches or tell a story from a place of honesty and bring the masses to tears; whichever route she takes at any given moment shows her ability to capture an audience in the palm of her hands in the most natural way possible.

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Alaina is also able to capture one audience member and turn him into a superstar on the spot by inviting him on the stage to help her perform her most recent single, “Next Boyfriend.” Closing her set with the song, Alaina can turn a venue into a dance party as she belts out the lyrics, whips, nae naes, stanky legs, and encourages twerking from her fan and human prop.

Yes, it is safe to say that Lauren Alaina gave us one of the best performances of the weekend, by far, and while we were already fans of everything she does, we have decided she’s our kind of people. We will do whatever we can to help keep her name on the map for years and years to come.


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