Kip Moore continues to help inner cities

Kip Moore

Country music and skateboarding don’t typically go in the same sentence together. But in Kip Moore‘s world, the two words have a much deeper connection.



Moore continues to invest time and heart into the Kip’s Kid’s Fund. This fund was put together to help build skate boarding parks in inner cities.

CBSNews spoke with Kip and here’s what he had to say about why he does it:

“I came from — you know, I didn’t have much. But I saw kids that even had way less than me. And I’ve just always been inspired when I come into these communities to try to do something, and I look around and this is where my core is,” he said.


“My thing was, ‘What can I do to give these kids a safe place to go, give these kids some hope? Maybe turn ’em on to a new sport?’ And skating was the first thing to kinda come to mind because of the community of it,” he said.

“You might have some kid that couldn’t make the football team, couldn’t make the basketball team, and all of a sudden he comes out here and … it gives him a whole ‘nother direction in his life, and it also just gives him a spark of hope and believing in himself, in something,” Moore added.

A year ago Moore started partnering with local businesses to build skateparks in inner cities — first in Nashville, then Annapolis, Boston, one in Texas and the newest opens next month in Cincinnati.


“I’m just tryin’ to do my part. And I think that if everybody took on that mentality of just do your part, just do your part … I mean, imagine how amazing this world would be,” he said.

We couldn’t applaud this more!