Kacey Musgraves angers already angry people with ill-timed gun tweet

Kacey Musgraves guns

When there’s gun violence in America, pretty much every Tom, Dick, and Harry feels the urge to put their two cents in and reveal what they think should be done to fix the problem. On Sunday, Kacey Musgraves was one of those Tom, Dick, and Harrys (Harries?) and offered up her solution: A revolver on every hip.

Yeah, I’m sure you can probably guess how that went over.

After Sunday’s mass shooting in Orlando, the Biscuits singer took to Twitter to express her sorrow at the news.

Unfortunately, Kacey didn’t leave well enough alone and added a second tweet later on that ended up raising more than a few eyebrows. 
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“Let’s go back to saloon days where every muthafucka is carryin a revolver and anyone walkin in to disturb the peace might maybe thing twice,” she wrote in the now-deleted tweet.

Kacey Musgraves gun tweet
Photo: Sterogum

As you can imagine, many people were not happy with her tweet and they made their feelings known. I’d post a few of the responses here but there were a lot of f-bombs and name calling, so I’ll just let your imagination run wild.
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Kacey defended herself a bit, but the damage had already been done and the only thing to do was just sit back and let the storm pass.

I guess the best opinion on hot button issues like guns and politics is the one you keep to yourself.




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    Wow. I actually agree with her on something. Woohoo!

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